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As a stock photographer, I never know where my work is going to end up. Consequently I'm always happy to discover how my images have actually been used to promote a product or illustrate an editorial story: in books, magazines, websites or TV. Below are a few 'tear sheets' from websites using some of my images. All of these images are available for licensing from Getty Images and iStock.

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I have no direct way of knowing who the clients are that have licenced my images, but here's a short list of some of the more well-known names that I know about: BBC News, HBO, Huffington Post, Le Figaro, The Telegraph, The Irish Times, Sky News, The Enquirer, The Economist, Evening Standard, Mirror, Express, L'OBS, The Onion, Fortune, Radio Canada, Grazia, ELLE, Intel, Mazda, PayPal, Blackberry, SNCF, TUI, Virgin Trains, ...

Industries and Subjects

My portfolio is pretty broad, covering most subject areas: Lifestyle, Travel, Technology, Education, Health and Fitness, Food and Drink, Insurance, Banking, Energy, Fashion, Home Decoration, etc.

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